A Bit About Us

Helen Chetwynd

Dogs have been part of my life for as long as I can remember, the ones I grew up with were mostly terriers, a scruffy mutt called Ruffles, a West Highland White called Becky and two lovely little laid back Jack Russells, Corrie  and Jackie.  The first dog I really called my own was also my first Border Collie, Dill.  She was my soul mate and with her was born my love for the Border Collie breed.  But my knowledge and understanding of that breed, and of dogs in general, really started to expand and grow when my second Collie, Blue, came along and proved a real challenge. This has helped me to learn so much, not just about Blue but about our relationship with dogs.  I threw myself into learning more about dogs and understanding them.   We joined a local dog training club and worked our way through the various classes.  It was a long slog and it was hard work and I eventually started helping out at the club, shadowing some of the other instructors before becoming an instructor myself.  I have spent the last few years attending as many courses, workshops and seminars as possible, covering various aspects of dog training and behaviour, as well as trying out other activities with my dog designed to have fun and build on our relationship such as Agility, Scent Work, Treiball, and Rally.   I am a qualified Level 3 Canine Hydrotherapist and Canine Massage Therapist and am also working towards accreditation with the Kennel Club Accredited Instructor Scheme.  Wherever and whenever possible, I continue to attend events, courses and workshops myself to increase my own experience and understanding of our relationship with dogs.

Julia Bodsworth

I have had dogs in my life, on and off, for as long as I can remember.  The breeds have ranged from Collies to Jack Russells to a very heavy English Mastif and my current dogs are Bailey, my rescue Staffie girl and Spot my cheeky Jack Russell boy.  I have always had an interest in all things canine but when Bailey came into my life 10 years ago, from Birmingham Dogs Home my life changed forever.... within a couple of week of bringing Bailey home it became apparent that she was pregnant so the first thing Bailey 'taught' us was how to help her through the whelping process, from recognising subtle signs and changes to preparing a suitable whelping area, keeping tabs on her pups as they grew and became seasoned explorers through to choosing and 'vetting' prospective new owners.  I was now hooked and finally knew what I wanted to do, so my journey of learning progressed.  After successfully progressing though the classes with my dogs at an established club I was asked to help in class, and then I became an instructor which helped fuel my interest in dogs, dog training and the dog/human relationship.  I have furthered my education by attending workshops, seminars and short courses given by prominent canine experts such as John Rogerson, Kay Laurence, Rob Alleyne, David Ryan, Sarah Whitehead, Angela White and Trevor Cooper on various topics including recall, prey drive, dog law, the application and use of a 'clicker' in training, behaviour and problem solving, canine body language, reactiviy, lead work any many more.  I will be continuing to broaden my knowledge and experiece to help make Blue Spot K9s a successful provider of learning for responsible dog owners and to help me achieve accreditation with the Kennel Club Accredited Instructors Scheme.